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Hi, I’m Douglas S. Diggle.

Experienced CEO, CIO, SVP of Sales & Subject Matter Expert (SME) Serving Fortune 500s for 20 Years Leading People, Technology, Growth & Consulting. I welcome leadership opportunities, projects and contact from HR recruiters and all headhunters. It is my pleasure to connect professionally, with you. Change starts with us as individuals. If one individual becomes more compassionate, it will influence others and so we will change the world.

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“Very few successful businesses are built on a highly complex product. Most successful businesses have typically common products that are just executed and done very well.”  – Douglas S. Diggle

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As a business leader, I’m always asked ‘what is the key to success?’ But it goes without saying that there is no formula or key it takes a lot of hard work, and the perseverance to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities to learn and grow. And once you do, you’ll often find that the “goal-posts” have moved, and you’ll be seeking a different, and new kind of success.

• 2007-2018 – Founder & Board of Directors BOD for Products & Services at Across Oceans Group
• 2011-2018 – DoD & FBI Intelligence Analyst. Cruise Maritime Mass Rescue Operation Black Swan
• 2014-2017 – Head of Sales for Travel, Cruises, Aviation & Technology at InterGlobe Technologies
• 2013-2015 – SVP, Product Development, Sales for Travel, Cruise, Maritime Technology at SISCO

• 2011-2014 – CTO, SVP of Sales for Cruise Lines, Maritime VSAT Technology at TruePath Wireless
• 2010-2011 – SVP, Cruise Connectivity, Shipping Technology & IPTV Solutions for Siemens GmbH
• 2008-2009 – CIO/CTO Panel Speaker for “Technology IT & Telecommunication for Sea” Seatrade
• 2007-2010 – VP, Product Development & Sales for Cruise Lines & Aviation at Lufthansa Systems

• 2004-2007 – Head of International Product Management & Marketing at Royal Caribbean Cruises
• 2002-2004 – Head of Information Technology Dept. & Software Strategy at Federal Reserve Bank
• 1999-2002 – Client Advisor for Private Wealth, Trusts, Asset Management at Northern Trust Bank
• 1997-1999 – President $19M Budget, 63K Students, Employed 18 at University of Central Florida

• 20 Years of F500 Senior Management Progression through SVP Sales, CTO, SME, & CEO roles
• Traveled to 72 Counties Managing Teams & Intl. Sales in India, Austria, UAE, Dubai, & Germany
• Kick Boxer & Paddle Boarder, 3rd Generation Eagle Scout, Presbyterian, Christian & Republican
• Awarded Negotiation Mastery 2016-2017 & Disruptive Strategy 2018 at Harvard Business School
• Awarded 4 on campus Degrees from 6 Universities. BBA Finance; Marketing & International MBA