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Across Oceans Group ™ is led globally by our President and our Group of Board of Directors, known as the Shareholder Advisors; a global leadership team known as Subject Matter Experts which are not listed publicly on the website; and the leaders of our Client Offices and Practices. Our team of “Subject Matter Experts” expands to 50 global experts and a team consortium for the clients needs, our resources are depending on the scope of work needed and the jobs to be done to make decisions with foresight and experience to achieve the business objectives. Our collective efforts drive progressive ideas, sales, support and cost saving solutions by adding the most value to our partners worldwide.  Creating value and revenue for our clients, the customer and delivering a great user experience is very important to us, and is in our core DNA. We work with our global clients as we do with our colleagues by building their leadership skills at every level and in every opportunity.

Our experience as business owners, senior executives, and operators enables us to effectively enhance cash flows, develop sales, increase the value of our assignments and produce solid long-term returns for our clients.  We always bring a fresh perspective to every client relationship.  Our emphasis on teamwork, trust and tolerance for diverging opinions helps our clients focus on their opportunities at hand, build their capabilities and win the future. While AOG’s HQ is in South Florida, more than half our team functions remotely infused with team members and clients located in Europe and across the world.  Drive stronger performance and leverage our deep industry expertise.


Charting the Path Forward

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● After being Head of Technology at the Federal Reserve, and the Head of Product Development at Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruises, our Founder Douglas Diggle created Across Oceans Group to navigate cruise lines, commercial maritime, technology innovation, aviation products & hospitality for vendors, suppliers, and buyers.

● Across Oceans Group™ a Global Management Consulting opened it first office location on East Flagler Street in the Historic Alfred I. duPont Building.

● Helped with a new Cruise Line Division for Lufthansa AIVT LSY Americas, Hospitality, Cruises & Maritime Solutions.

● Shipyard team for $55M Century dry-dock by adding balconies, suites, staterooms for Celebrity Cruise Lines.
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● Created a new Cruise Line Division for AIVT LSY Americas, Hospitality, Cruises & Maritime Solutions

● CIO Panel Speaker Mr. Diggle at SeaTrade Miami for "Telecommunications & IT at Sea" discussing new maritime technology for a 400 person audience.
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● Established new Lufthansa Group Contacts with Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruises, Royal Caribbean Group, Meyer Shipyard, The Yachts of Seabourn and AIDA German Cruises.

● Joined SeaKeepers Society to support the yacht program of scientist-led expeditions and vessels of opportunity.

● Creation of Royal Caribbean & Holland America's mobile warehousing Motorola IT/SW solution, including email reporting sent for each shipment leaving for the vessels.

● Sold $12M of technology and software solutions including VoIP for Celebrity Cruises Solstice, Equinox & Eclipse.
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● Created new WiFI VSAT with Beamforming Technology and Tested on US Military Ships and Cruise Ships

● Advisor at Royal Caribbean Next Generation Boarding technology and software for End-To-End Ports and Baggage

● Awarded Lufthansa's Best of International Sales for New Cruise Line & Marine Clients

● Sold $5M of public screens, telephony technology solutions & ITV software for 3 Yachts of Seabourn.

● Sold $3M HVAC cabin controls for Disney saving the Fantasy & the Dream over $1M ROI of fuel yearly.
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● Created CMT (Communications Media Technology) for Siemens Hamburg for Cruise Lines & Maritime

● Siemens created Media4Cruises and MOGIS4Cruises for in-cabin controls & cruise Guest Mobile Apps.

● InterGlobe Technologies working from India created new accounts and logos for Princess, Holland and Carnival

● Expanded new radio technology WiFi that allows real-time connections on aircrafts and moved this technology to cruise vessels and to offshore oil rigs for connectivity.

● USN pilot testing beam-forming from land based objects for turbulent environments at sea using a plethora of low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites.

● Brought the first ever hand sanitizer system to the cruise industry and ports that was "not flammable" also the first to effectively kill the Norwalk virus.
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● Opened the 2nd office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida to service new clients based in Orlando.

● SVP and Consultant for Security Information Control Systems - A-Pass, Maritime & Cruise Line

● Consultant for Burj Al Arab working in Dubai's most iconic hotel Jumeirah & QE2 Cruise Vessel

● Planned emergency exercise with various government agencies including NEMA, FBI, DoD, DHS and USCG.

● Disney assignment testing boat drill mustering and software / hardware for evacuation with product development.

● We helped our Florida client receive the '2012 Supplier of the Year' at SeaTrade Cruise Global Insider Awards for our development of safety applications for Disney Cruise Lines.
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● Led Operation Black Swan a full-scale Cruise MRO (Mass Rescue Operation) in the Bahamas

● Created Passenger E-Mustering Software & Single-Tap Tablet for Disney Cruise Lines
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● Created 4 new clients for IGT working from Gurgaon India with Princess, Holland, Seabourn and Carnival

● CTO for TruePath overseeing groundbreaking Cruise Line VSAT, WiFi software & Air/Sea wireless solutions.

● Developed man overboard a (MOB) perimeter sensor network and sophisticated infrared tracking day/night vision cameras with onboard radar equipment.
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● Created CSA Cruise Shipping Association ™ to promote the interests of crew members and shore side employees

● Created SCS Substitute Custodian Services for consulting services for cruise vessels with liens and judgements

● Advisor for public tracking and gangway development for offshore technology and cruise lines with Security Identification Systems Corporation.

● Developed a new Aviation R&M (repair and maintenance) software system development with a table-top charging station for our airline partner.
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● Led Operation Black Swan a full-scale Cruise MRO (Mass Rescue Operation) in Hawaii
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● Provided the award to Christine Duffy the President of Carnival Cruise Line during the United States Coast Guard 7th district Florida Dinner Committee.

● Panel Speaker in Philippines for Cruise Connect discussing technology, training & safety at sea, and crew well-being.

● Panel Speaker in Barcelona for Cruise Connect discussing technology, training & safety at sea, and crew well-being.
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● Consultant for PPG Industries. Maritime Head for Protective Marine Paints and Cruise Line Coatings.

● Developed new Duty-Free Retail locations for several Airports and at Cruise Ports internationally
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● Developed a new global sales partnership with Shoes for Crews and Cole Haan together and new lifestyle products.

● Performed POC (proof of concept testing) onboard for the first evidence-based training system designed to significantly reduce the spread of harmful pathogens, infectious disease, and bacterial infections, by ensuring the highest standards of hand hygiene practice. (This PoC was before COVID-19).

● Developed cutting edge innovative pool deck furniture for cruise ship decks with integrated new guest security lockers.

● Attended 2019 International WorkBoat as Across Oceans Group expanded into the Oil & Gas industry and started doing client work on offshore platforms.
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● AOG opened 4 of the Cole Haan GRANDSHØP's a new retail experience in Panama City Panamá, Dominican Republic, Medellín, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

● Launched a e-commerce platform for the first time in developing regions during the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing clients and distribution partners to enjoy online revenues when stores closed during the pandemic.

● Created brand new safety footwear with Shoes for Crews for crew members and sold to Cruise lines, Whole Food Grocery & American Airlines. ● Opened a new Company Headquarters in Palm City (Stuart area), Florida and closed the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida office.

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● AOG switched gears handled the buying and selling of existing cruise lines & river vessels in the secondary market.

● After 10 months, we negotiated all terms, vessel inspections, P&L's for 2 explorer class vessels and 2 river vessels.
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● AOG celebrates its 15th year. We have helped dozens of institutions, businesses, and governments to see the world differently and discover opportunities never imagined.

● The cruise industry is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing segments in the maritime industry. $12 billion in cruise new-builds in adding another 45,000 berths. Each year 20+ new ships come into service.

● Bridged the world's first cordless electrostatic sprayers from the airlines and the airports into the cruise line industry. Our team focused on this client and new product to help guests feel safe to cruise. Our clients move faster in adapting to COVID to gain market share. Innovation and ambition to "keep pivoting" are our client's key to a profitable post-crisis performance in a changing world.
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● Our 20th year attending SeaTrade Cruise Global located in Miami Beach supporting the industry and global partners.

● It is estimated that 50 Billion will be spent on an order book of 77 new cruise ships and passenger vessels until 2027.

● We facilitate the best in class solutions between owners, vendors, and suppliers for cruise lines, maritime corporations, aviation operators, offshore platforms, shipboard hotel operators, guest ports, and air/sea duty-free travel retail.

Leverage Our Deep Industry Expertise

Douglas S. Diggle

President & Founding Partner

Michael Moore, Esq

Legal for Maritime & Aviation

Hugo Alvarez, Esq

Legal Registered Agent

Rafael Sanchez

Chief Technology Assignments

Richard Vogel

Cruise Line C-Suite Assignments

Jimmy Baril

Client Partnerships & Engagement

Vino Kumar

Terminal, Ports & Marine Assignments

Jack Gaido

Strategic Partnerships

Mindy Kopenhafer

Business Office Manager

Dr. Angela Tejeda

Advisor & Board Member

Meet our Founder
Douglas Diggle, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

We have already helped more than 60 large leading institutions, dozens of Fortune 500 businesses and governments to see the world differently and discover revenue opportunities never imagined. We specialize in game changing innovations, product development and sales connecting the cruise line industry, offshore technology, commercial maritime, aviation products, and duty-free air/sea retail.

If you’re already changing how the world works as a solo practitioner and you long for more community, projects, and scale – we’d love to hear from you. If you have experience working closely with large institutions to help them think and act differently, the team at AOG would also love to hear from you! To get started, please tell us a bit about yourself. We are always on the lookout for our next stunning colleague. Welcome to the Group.

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Our culture of innovation empowers employees as creative thinkers, bringing unparalleled value for our clients and to any problem we tackle. Be the future. Work with us.

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